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OH&S Consulting Perth can develop Emergency and Contingency procedures and documentation to assist in identifying unplanned, disruptive events affecting your business.  A threat analysis and emergency management plan assists in determining action.

Emergency / Contingency Planning


OH&S Consulting can develop emergency procedures that are relevant to the organisation and contain all unplanned disruptive incidents that are likely to occur. The disruptive incidents may include hazardous substance spills, explosions, fire, flood, power failure, bomb threat, robbery, civil protest and vehicle accidents and breakdowns.


To identify all unplanned disruptive events that could affect a company, a Threat Analysis is conducted for the site. An Emergency Management Plan can then be developed to determine the company's appropriate action for each disruptive event. Emergency management should include action to be taken after a disruptive incident to restore order and provide assistance to employees who may require it. 



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