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How Well Does Your Company Manage Safety?
Is your company confident that safety is managed adequately on your sites and that all your work activities comply with relevant safety and health legislation?

Does your company have a safety and health management system with supporting procedures and checklists that enable you to:
  • Identify hazards and risks to safety and health?
  • Carry out safety inspections and deal with non-compliances?
  • Train and induct employees and subcontractors?
  • Choose subcontractors with appropriate qualifications, experience and insurances?
  • Ensure sub contractors work safety?
  • Effectively deal with injuries, incidences and emergencies?
  • Maintain adequate OSH records?
  • Complete all required tender information easily and effectively
If you answered no to any of the above questions, then your company may be leaving themselves wide open to significant business OSH risks from worker injury, increasing insurance costs, litigation and fines.

OH & S Pty Ltd provides a professional and personalised service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of a select but highly valued client base. We can assist you in effectively managing these types of business risks and value adding to your business.

OH & S Pty Ltd prides itself in successfully working with a diverse industry base in the identification, assessment and continued management of both strengths and deficits in client management systems. Solutions offered are innovative, relevant, cost effective and specific to client needs.

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