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Safety Management System

OH&S Consulting provide full Safety Management Systems which are tailored to your specific risk profile.


The Safety Management System includes:


  • A Safety Management System Standards Manual

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Forms

  • Registers


Click here for more information about Safety Management Systems.

Safety Managment System Manual Procedures Forms Registers SWMS JSA Safe Work Method Statement
Safety Management Plan

OH&S Consulting provide a full safety management plan detailing how you, as a business, will prevent harm to people, the environment and damage to property; specifically tailored to your risk profile or the risk profile of your project.


Click here for more information about Safety Management Plans.

Policies Proecdures Forms Registers Manuals

A hazard register is a cornerstone safety document which is used to identify, evaluate and track hazards and risks within a business.  OH&S Consulting determine a hazard/risk register customised to your business.

Hazard Register/Risk Register
Risk Profile Customised Safety Solution

All businesses need to identify, evaluate and track legal and other requirements applicable to health, safety and environment.  OH&S Consulting can create a legal register which will provide details of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards, Licenses and permits applicable to your business risk profile.

Legal Register
Acts Regulations Codes of Practice Australian Standards AS 4801
Health, Safety and Environmental Procedures (OSH/HSE/WHS)

OH&S Consulting have taken all the hard work out of having to create safety, health and environmental procedures.


Click here for a list of safety, health and environmental procedures.


Click here for more information about safety documentation.

Job Safety Analysis Procedure Healh Safety
Health, Safety and Environmental Forms (OSH/HSE/WHS)
Forms Checklists Registers Procedures Policies

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), JHAs and JSAs provide written evidence that high risk tasks (as defined in your state's safety legislation) are managed effectively.


Click here for a list of safe work method statements currently available. 


Click here for more information about Safe Work Method Statements/JSA's.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)/Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
and Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Safe Work Method Statement SWMS Job Safety Analysis JSA Job Hazard Analysis JHA
Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)/Safe Work Procedure (SWP)

Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs), also known as Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) provide information on how to safely perform a task.


Click here for a list of safe operating procedures/safe work procedures currently available. 


Safe Operating Procedure SOP Safe Work Procedure SWP
Toolbox Talk Topics

OH&S Consulting have a large collection of toolbox talk topics, helping you to make your meetings fresh and keep everyone's attention.


Click here for a list of toolbox talks currently available. 


Toolbox Meeting Safety Talk Safety Meeting Training Communication Consultation
Safety Alerts

OH&S Consulting can provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual safety alerts which are tailored to your risk profile.


Click here for more information regarding Safety Alerts.


Safety Alert Communication Consultation Toolbox Talk Topic Meeting
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