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Asbestos Awareness Training Perth

Asbestos Awareness


Course Duration: 

4 hours


Course Location:

All OH&S Consulting training is performed face to face at your premises or a Training Venue can be arranged (at an additional fee).


Course Intention:

This course is intended to assist all personnel in the identification and safe management of asbestos.  Each course is customised to the Clients specific business activities.


All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.


Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
  • Identify common areas where asbestos and asbestos containing materials may be present.

  • Understand the difference between Friable and Non -Friable Asbestos.

  • Recall regulations and procedures for minimising asbestos exposure.

  • Understand the health risks, hazards and effects of asbestos.

  • Understand assessment of risk and safe work controls when working with asbestos

  • Understand the emergency procedures required to manage an uncontrolled release of asbestos.

  • Recognise the requirement for asbestos registers and plans.

  • Apply required controls when disposing of ACM and ACM contaminated materials.


Course Contents:
  • Regulations applying to asbestos.

  • Asbestos identification.

  • The difference between friable and non-friable asbestos.

  • Where can asbestos be found in the workplace.

  • Health risks and hazards of asbestos.

  • Safety equipment and controls required.

  • Use of asbestos registers and plans.

  • Risk Assessment and Control of work area’s containing asbestos.

  • Working with asbestos.

  • Decontamination of personnel and work area including waste disposal.


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