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OHS Training

Worker training is an integral part of employers successfully fulfilling their Duty of Care.  OH&S Consulting recognises the importance in planning the organisation's overall development by developing and implementing a suitable occupational safety and health training program.  Training must be planned, researched and managed for it to be effective.  Each worker's specific job requirements should be examined so a detailed plan can be developed that addresses the training needs specific to that employee.  The legal ramifications of not addressing company training needs can lead to an increased number of accidents and incidents, higher insurance premiums from Workers' Compensation Claims and finally the potential for individual and company fines for breaches of safe and healthy legislative requirements.


Training can be used to ensure the skills, knowledge and attitudes of people in the business are more closely linked to the organisation's goals.  Training at all levels of the organisation ensures that each person is aware of their responsibilities and the organisation's policy is being carried out.  Training assures the organisation of compliance with regulatory requirements, assists in the effective management of risk, promotes heightened productivity, reduces costs and clarifies roles.


OH&S Consulting design/develop, implement and review safety and health training courses for a number of clients in heavy industry.  These courses have been customised to the specific needs and procedural control of organisations. These are not public courses and are designed to be delivered to business groups and are conducted as required.


Training is available face to face at your premises or OH&S Consulting can arrange venue. 


All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. 


OH&S Consulting has successfully assisted companies in developing training programs inclusive of training needs analysis, matrices, training registers, records and training evaluation. 


Examples of training we provide:

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