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Boobs Lubtes and Tubes of Womens Health Training Western Australia

Boobs, Lubes and Tubes of Women's Health

Course Duration

4 hours

Course Location: 

All OH&S Consulting training is performed face to face at your premises or a Training Venue can be arranged (at an additional fee).

Course Intention: 

Boobs, Lubes and Tubes of Women’s Health is designed to focus on women’s health. This program is run to compliment "Nuts and Bolts of Men’s Health". Women are better informed and proactive with regard to their health, but are still exposed to the same health risk factors as men.


All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • Identify emerging health issues.

  • Identify risk factors that could predispose employees to developing heart disease.


Course Contents: 

Structured to be performed in three distinct sessions.

  • First session is a presenter to specifically address women’s general health including, female cancers, smoking, alcohol, nutrition, exercise, and sexual functions and dysfunction.

  • Second session is a health appointment to have blood taken and to complete a risk assessment questionnaire. A blood test is taken to check blood cholesterol, glucose levels and evidence of anaemia. The physical assessment includes blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, urine and lung function. Review of abdominal strength and flexibility and an assessment of your body fat composition is also complete.

  • The third session is an appointment to discuss blood results and health assessment with the participant. We analyse your health risk factor scores and provide the participants with results supported with a Health Yourself Resource Pack and General Practitioner referral (if required).



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