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About OH&S Consulting

OH&S Consulting provides comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health services to WA Industry and has a strong risk management focus.


Our Tertiary qualified consultants are able to:


  • Provide a professional and customised service to meet the individual needs of our clients assisting them to meet their legal obligations and achieve determined outcomes.


  • Audit a client’s safety management system, conduct inspections, train personnel in hazard management techniques, develop hazard management/risk assessment policies and procedures relevant to a clikent's needs.


  • Define, interrogate and determine strengths and priorities for clients with respect to their safety management system including the development of policies, procedures, flowcharts, safety planning and system development.


  • Conduct incident investigations including investigation of fatalities and facilitate hazard Id workshops, risk assessment and hazard management for our clients.


Since its inception, OH&S Consulting has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide timely, efficient, high quality & ongoing services to its clients by meeting highly desired performance indicators. 


OH&S Consulting partner clients in achievement of their OSH objectives.


Meet the team!

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