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Ergonomics Training

Course Duration:

4 hours


Course Location: 

Client's premises or a Training Venue can be arranged (at an additional fee).


Course Intention: 

The purpose of the education session is to heighten employee awareness of ergonomic principles and how they interface with their environment, equipment and task to be performed, thereby maximising operator comfort and efficiency. The education session will be supported by a one-on-one workstation assessment that will consolidate principles learnt during the education session. The purpose of the compliance assessment of the office is to identify non-compliances with relevant legislation and the impact of tasks performed within the work environment on the safety and health of personnel working within the area.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • To understand what ergonomics is.

  • To understand the factors that affect ergonomics.

  • Be involved in an individual assessment session.

  • Implement any recommended changes to workstation.


Course Contents: 


  • What is ergonomics?

  • Legislation regarding ergonomics.

  • Prevention strategies.

  • Three areas of ergonomics.

  • Visual discomfort.

  • Lighting.

  • The monitor.

  • Workstation layout.

  • Sitting.

  • Keyboards.

  • The mouse.

  • Portable computer.

  • The telephone.

  • Stretching.



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Training Ergonomics Western Australia
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