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OH&S Consulting Perth can assist you in determining an Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan / Safety Management plan which can integrate into your Safety Management System. The Safety Management Plan will be customised to your business profile.

Safety Management Plans


Safety Management Plans are documented activities scheduled by an organisational group to prevent accidents (incidents or injuries), damage to property and/or damages to the environment.  They outline responsibilities and targets to allow performance to be managed.  OH&S Consulting can assist in the development of Company or Departmental SMP's and in the preparation of Safety Management Plans for tender documents.


OH&S Consulting has facilitated many workshops for companies where they have introduced a safety management system & then require a Safety Management Plan to denote specific areas of compliance.


Safety Management Plans can vary from site or Project Safety Management Plans aligned to the Safety Management System. OH&S Consulting have successfully assisted many businesses in meeting their pre-qualification requirements when submitting for tenders.



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