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Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)/Safe Work Procedure (SWP)



OH&S Consulting take the hard work out of creating Safe Operating Procedure (SOP), also known as a Safe Work Procedure (SWP).


OH&S Consulting can provide the following procedures either in template form, or customised specifically to your business needs.

Asbestos - Contaminated Insulation & ACM

Asbestos - Asbestos Cement

Batteries - Battery Load Test

Batteries - Charging 12 Volt Batteries

Batteries - Lead Acid Battery Changing

Batteries - Lead Acid Battery Servicing

Confined Space

Confined Space - Confined Space Entry Precautions

Drilling (Air) - Attaching Cyclone

Drilling (Air) - Bit Sharpening

Drilling (Air) - Breaking Out Rod

Drilling (Air) - Cleaning Splitter

Drilling (Air) - Collaring Hole

Drilling (Air) - Cutting Drill Pipe

Drilling (Air) - Cyclone and Sample Collection Box Cleaning

Drilling (Air) - Dis-assembling Hammer

Drilling (Air) - Filling Water Tank

Drilling (Air) - Inspecting Airhoses

Drilling (Air) - Manual Handling for Samplers

Drilling (Air) - Pressure Test Drill Rods

Drilling (Air) - Re-Fitting Boss Clamp and Hose Tail

Drilling (Air) - Removal of Hammer-Reaming Bits

Drilling (Air) - Removing Cyclone

Drilling (Air) - Replace Broken Link in Chain

Drilling (Air) - Restraining Sample Hose

Drilling (Air) - Rod Inspection

Drilling (Air) - Running Rods Using Clamshell & Hook

Drilling (Air) - Sample Hose Wear

Drilling (Air) - Sampling Process and Presentation

Drilling (Air) - Unblocking of Sample Hose and-or Rotation Head

Drilling (Air) - Use of Blow Down Sub

Drilling (Air) - Use of Foamit Mix

Drilling (Air) - Wash-Lube Chains

Drilling (Diamond) - Adding 3 Metre Drill Rod by Hand

Drilling (Diamond) - Adjusting 'Q' Series Back End Length

Drilling (Diamond) - Assembly of 'Q' Series Barrel

Drilling (Diamond) - Assembly of 'Q' Series Inner Tube

Drilling (Diamond) - Changing Overshot Lifting Dogs

Drilling (Diamond) - Colby Sump Refill Using HD785 Water Cart

Drilling (Diamond) - Down Hole Surveying

Drilling (Diamond) - Emptying 'Q' Series Inner Tube

Drilling (Diamond) - Fit New Winch Rope to Rig 8

Drilling (Diamond) - Pulling and Running 'Q' Series Rods

Drilling (Diamond) - Pulling 'Q' Inner Tube

Drilling (Diamond) - Retrieve Fallen Rods-Winch Rope

Drilling (Diamond) - Rig Set Up and Site Move Night Shift

Drilling (Diamond) - Triple Tube Emptying and Setup

Drilling (Diamond) - Using Survey Cameras

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Adding Drill Rod (Open Hole)

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Adding Drill Rod and Casing

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Alignment of Rod Truck for Rig

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Attaching Cyclone

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Bit Sharpening

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Breaking Tool Joints

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Changing Jaw Dies

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Collaring Hole

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Cyclone and Splitter Cleaning

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Dis-assembling Hammer

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Installing Production Casing

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Install-Remove T Piece

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Manual Handling for Samplers

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Profile Cutting Casing

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Re-Fit Lower Table

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Re-Fitting Boss Clamp and Hose Tail

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Remove Lower Table

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Remove Welded Casing from Hole

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Removing Casing from Drill Rod

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Removing Cyclone

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Removing Drill Rod

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Removing Threaded Casing

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Sample Process and Presentation

Drilling (Dual Rotary) - Use of Foamit Mix

Drilling (General) - Access and Site Conditions

Drilling (General) - Cement Production

Drilling (General) - Cementing Operations Through RC Inner Tube

Drilling (General) - Climbing Rig Mast

Drilling (General) - Drill Rig Operation

Drilling (General) - Emergency Procedures

Drilling (General) - Filling Hammer Oil

Drilling (General) - Hand Cranking Generator

Drilling (General) - Hydrocarbon Spill Response

Drilling (General) - Install 6'' Steel Casing & Caps Over PVC Collar Pipe

Drilling (General) - Moving Site (Exploration Site)

Drilling (General) - Moving Site (Grade Control)

Drilling (General) - Pre-Start Checks (Surface Rigs)

Drilling (General) - Pre-Start Checks (Surface Rigs) revised

Drilling (General) - Re-Fuelling Machinery

Drilling (General) - Rig Location Signs and Barriers

Drilling (General) - Rig Set Up and Pack Up - Night Shift

Drilling (General) - Rig Set-up and Alignment

Drilling (General) - Routine Inspections

Drilling (General) - Setting Up Poly for Water Line

Drilling (General) - Training Personnel on KL Rod Handler

Drilling (General) - Use of Air Tools

Drilling (General) - Use of Fall Arrest Equipment

Drilling (General) - Use of Stilsons

Drilling (General) - Using a Power Tool

Drilling (Mud) - Competency Assessment for Standard Work Procedure

Drilling (Mud) - Mixing Drilling Additives

Drilling (Mud) - Mud Pump Setup and Operation

Drilling (Mud) - Original

Drilling (Mud) - Running PVC Casing on Mud Rig

Drilling (Mud) - Running Rod from Truck

Drilling (Mud) - Running Rod to Truck

Drilling (Mud) - Set Up of Mud Rig

Drilling - Fit Cyclone

Drilling - Removal of Cluster Drill from Rig

Drilling - Removal of Jacks from Rig

Drilling - Remove Bolt from Head Ram and Pully System Rig

Drilling - Remove Boom

Drilling - Remove Mast from Rig

Drilling - Remove Table Rams from Rig

Drilling - Remove-Replace Rod Through Arm

Drilling - Removing Compressor from Rig

Drilling - Removing Compressor from Rig

Drilling - Removing Whole Leg Rams for Rig

Drilling - Start Rig 3-Cled Clearance

Drilling - Startup and Setup of Rig

Drilling - Wash Down Rig

Drilling - Wash Drill Rig

Driving & Mobilisation - Chain Tensioners

Driving & Mobilisation - Driving Hazards

Driving & Mobilisation - Driving

Driving & Mobilisation - Driving Emergency Response

Driving & Mobilisation - Driving Off Road

Driving & Mobilisation - Driving Remote

Driving & Mobilisation - Hazardous Materials Transport

Driving & Mobilisation - Parking

Driving & Mobilisation - Remote Area Driving

Electrical - Cable Pulling

Electrical - Connection of Dongas

Electrical - Electric Tools Checking

Electrical - Erecting Light Poles

Electrical - Erecting Poles with Hiab

Electrical - SWP Electrical Safety

Electrical - Terminate Demountable Unit and Ancillaries

Emergency Response - Extinguishing Fires

Electrical - Testing & Commissioning

Emergency Response - Fire Extinguishers

Environmental - Clearing Trees

Environmental - Cleaning & Rebuilding the Dump Area

Environmental - Environmental Management

Environmental - Rehabilitation

Environmental - Tailings Dam

Exploration - Camp & Personal Hygiene

Exploration - Camp Site Set Up

Exploration - Satellite Phone

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Formwork and Concreting

General Safety - Housekeeping Work Area

General Safety - Manual Handling - Heavy Loads

General Safety - Manual Handling

General Safety - Visitor Induction

Hand Held Power Tools - Four Inch Angle Grinder and Drop Saw Operations

Hand Held Power Tools - Jackhammer and Hand Digging

Hand Held Power Tools - Rip Saw

Hand Held Power Tools - Ripper Operation

Hand Held Power Tools - Rockbreaking

Hand Tools - Digging a Trench

Hand Tools - Housekeeping Tools

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Alternator on Diesel Engines

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Bean Pump Balls and Seats

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Bean Pump Plunger Packings

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Coolant Hoses on Diesel Engines

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Fuel Filters

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Hydraulic Hoses (Reusable Fittings)

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Oil and Oil Filter

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Out Water Swivel

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Starter Motor on Diesel Engine

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing Three Way Valve Seals

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Changing V-Belts on Diesel Engines

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Cleaning Equipment

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Commissioning & Testing

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Fitting Wire Rope Clamps

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Hot Work

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Isolation

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Overhaul of Pump Relief Valve

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Refit Mono Pump to Rig

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Removal of Fire Suppression

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Remove Aardvark Head

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Remove Non-return Valve Compressor Seal and Refit

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Replace T-Piece Rubbers

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Service Ball Valve

Maintenance, Repair and Commissioning - Wash Radiator Core

Mining - Cleaning Under Conveyors

Mining - Constructing a Safety Windrow

Mining - Dredge Mining Face Access

Mining - Entering an Underground Decline

Mining - Feeding a Crusher

Mining - Mining & Pit Conditions

Mining - Ramp Construction

Mobile Plant - Backhoe Operation

Mobile Plant - Compactor Operation

Mobile Plant - Crane Jib Operation

Mobile Plant - Daily Servicing

Mobile Plant - Dozer Operation

Mobile Plant - Dumping Loads - Surface & Underground

Mobile Plant - Excavator Digging and Loading

Mobile Plant - Forklift and Cranage

Mobile Plant - Forklift Battery Charging and Battery Top Up

Mobile Plant - Forklift Operation

Mobile Plant - Front End Loader Operations

Mobile Plant - General Mechanical Compacting Using Wacker Packer

Mobile Plant - Grader Operation

Mobile Plant - HIAB Operating

Mobile Plant - Jacking Vehicles & Trailers

Mobile Plant - Jump Starting 12-24 Volt

Mobile Plant - Jump Starting 24 Volt

Mobile Plant - Lighting Plant - Moving

Mobile Plant - Lighting Plant Set Up

Mobile Plant - Lighting Plant Set up Kubota

Mobile Plant - Loader Digging and Loading

Mobile Plant - Loading Dump Trucks - Surface

Mobile Plant - Loading Machines Onto Low Loader

Mobile Plant - Loading Trucks - Underground

Mobile Plant - Man Cage Operation

Mobile Plant - Mobile Equipment

Mobile Plant - Pallet Forks Operation

Mobile Plant - Pre-start Check Vehicles

Mobile Plant - Repairing Punctures

Mobile Plant - Safe Loader Operation

Mobile Plant - Safe Roller Operation

Mobile Plant - Safe Travelling & Haulage

Mobile Plant - Safe Uni-Loader Operation

Mobile Plant - Scraper Operation

Mobile Plant - Spotting

Mobile Plant - Warman 28-24 Front Door Replacement

Mobile Plant - Water Cart Operation

Office - Answering the Telephone

Plant - Winching

Plumbing - Conduit Bending

Plumbing - Trenching, Pipe or Conduit Laying and Backfill

Transport - Despatch and Transport of Goods

Transportable Buildings - Jack on-Jack off Procedure

Transportable Buildings - Loading & Unloading

Tree Lopping - Stump Grinding

Tyre Changing - Tyre Changing

Welding - Manual Arc Welding

Welding - Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

Welding - Placing 16M Truck Tray in Welding Bay

Welding - Position Weld Bracket

Welding - Welding

Welding - Weld Isolator on Hiro

Working at Height - Avoiding Falls

Working at Height - Fall Protection Using Scaffolding

Working at Height - General Ladder Usage

Working at Height - Scaffolding

Working at Height - Working at Height

Working at Height - Rescue

Working at Height - Safety Harness

Working at Height - Comlexing Building Roofs

Workshop - Break Adjustment

Workshop - Break Out Swivel

Workshop - Cutting Off Wire Line Shears

Workshop - Disarm Maxi Air Brake Unit

Workshop - Fault Find Misalignment Navara Front End

Workshop - Filling Hydraulic Tank

Workshop - Fit Maxi Arm Brake Unit

Workshop - Fit Shock Absorber to Truck Seats

Workshop - Grind Square Fuel Bar

Workshop - Install Uni Joint

Workshop - Making Up a Hydraulic Hose

Workshop - Removal of UHF Radios from Vehicles

Workshop - Remove Battery from Generator 6 and Charge Battery

Workshop - Remove Maxi Air Brake Unit

Workshop - Remove Rear Spring Pack from Rig

Workshop - Remove Uni Joint

Workshop - Removing Back Plate Rig 4 Head

Workshop - Setting BTM Bank Pressure

Workshop - Use Kerosene Washer

Workshop - Use of 50 Tonne Industrial Press

Workshop - Use of Bench Grinder

Workshop - Use of Drill Press

Workshop - Use of Drop Saw

Workshop - Use of Wire Wheel

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