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Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)



OH&S Consulting take the hard work out of creating Safe Work Method Statements, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA).


OH&S Consulting can provide the following procedures either in template form, or customised specifically to your business needs.

Asbestos - Disturbing, Drilling and Cutting

Asbestos - Painting and Sealing ACM

Asbestos - Sampling and Removal

Barricade - Erection and Dismantling

Battery Handling

Battery Maintenance and Storage


Cable Installation

Cable Locating

Cable Transport

Cement - Rendering

Concrete – Drilling, Brackets & Cores

Concrete - Pouring & Finishing

Concrete - Preparation

Concrete - Verandah Slab Preparation

Concreting - Benching Site Operations

Concreting - Formwork and Concreting


Drill - Air Leg Drilling

Drill - Breaking Drill Core Tube Joint

Drill - Breaking Drill Rod Joints

Drill - Changing Core Tubes Down Holes Greater Than 30 Degrees

Drill - Core Drilling

Drill - Core Drilling Rig

Drill - Drill Press Operation

Drill - Drill Set Up Core

Drill - Drilling Up Holes Core

Drill - Magnetic Drill Use

Drill - Movement of Drill Core

Drill - Tramming 20 HH Long Stroke Drill

Drill - Tramming Drill

Excavation Inspection

Excavation with Plant

Existing Pit and New Duct Installation

Facia and Eave Installation

Fibre Optic Cable & Equipment Installation

Fibre Optic Cable Splicing & Joining

Floor Grinding

Flume Extraction System

Ground Control Manual Scaling

Grouting Drill Holes

Guidelines for Hydraulic Systems

Hand Core Drilling

Handling Core Tubes & Rods

Handling Samples

High Pressure Air

HP Gas Locating

Ladder Use

Light Vehicle Operation

Limestone Block Laying

Loading and Unloading of Light Vehicles

Loading and Unloading of Semi-Trailer - Wall Frames and Roof Trusses

Loading and Unloading of Shipping Container from Semi Trailer

Loading and Unloading of Shipping Containers with Goods & Materials

Loading and Unloading of Truck

Loading and Unloading Road Train

Loading and Unloading Road Train

Loading and Unloading Semi-Trailer

Loading and Unloading Semi-Trailers with Structural Steel & Wall Frames

Loading and Unloading Shipping Container onto Semi-Trailer

Loading and Unloading Using Forklift

Mobile Plant - Backhoe Operation

Mobile Plant - Crane Operators

Mobile Plant - Crane Use

Mobile Plant - Elevated Work Platform Operation

Mobile Plant - Forklift Operation

Mobile Plant - Scissor Lift

Mobile Plant - Scissor Lift Use

Mobile Plant - Working on or Near

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New Pit and New Duct Installation


Plant & Equipment - Angle Grinder - Use of

Plant & Equipment- Band Saw

Plant & Equipment -Bench Pedestal Grinder

Plant and Equipment - Combination Bench Pedestal Grinder - Belt Linisher Machine

Plant and Equipment - Drop Saw Operation

Plant and Equipment - Dry Percussion Drilling & Jackhammers

Plant and Equipment - Hydraulic Equipment

Plant and Equipment - Hydro Excavation

Plant and Equipment - Jack Hammering

Plant and Equipment - Petrol Powered Hand Saws

Plant and Equipment - Petrol Powered Ring Saws

Plant and Equipment - Petrol, LPG and Diesel Powered Floor Saws

Plant and Equipment - Power Tool Operation

Plant and Equipment - Set Up Air Compressor

Plant and Equipment - Wall Saw

Plant and Equipment -Punch and Shear Machine Operation

Plumbing Fixtures Installation

Plumbing Pipework Installation

Pole Change Out

Pole Delivery


Refuelling Drill Rig at Fuel Bay

Removing Slab from Mould to Yard

Rock Cladding

Roof/Ceiling - Batten Ceiling Installation

Roof/Ceiling - Batten Roof Installation

Roof/Ceiling - Ceiling and Insulation Installation

Roof/Ceiling - Inspection of Roof and Roof Space (New Structure)

Roof/Ceiling - Installation of Box Gutter

Roof/Ceiling - Roof Sheeting - Installation

Roof/Ceiling - Roof Sheeting and Flashing Install

Roof/Ceiling - Working On

Roof/Ceiling Inspection of Roof and Roof Space (Old Structure)

Roof/Ceiling Installation of Roof Sheeting/Wall Sheeting

Roof/Ceiling Wall Frames & Roof Truss Installation

Scaffold Erection

Septic Tank - Installation


Site Inspection - Alterations and Certifications

Stump Grinding


Traffic Management Using Traffic Control


Transmission and Crane Works

Transport - Customer Pickups

Transportable Building - Complexing

Transportable Building - Finishing Post Complexing

Transportable Building - Loading, Transport & Unloading

Transportable Building - Working Under

Tree Surgery Lopping & Pruning

Trench Digging

Trench Digging with Trench Digger

Trenching by Hand Digging

Trenching with a Mini Excavator

Truck Driver

Verandah Erection

Walkway Steps Access to Drills

Walls and Insulation Installation

Weather - Working in Adverse Conditions

Welding - Oxy & Acetylene

Welding - Oxy Cutting

Welding - Plasma Cutting

Welding - Spot

Welding MIG & Arc Welding

Working Alone

Working at Height

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