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Safety, Health & Environmental Checklists




OH&S Consulting take the hard work out of creating Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Checklists.


OH&S Consulting can supply the following checklists either in template format or customised specifically to your business



Checklists include, but are not limited to:
  • Bullying, Violence & Aggression Hazard Checklist

  • Crane Daily Pre-Start Checklist

  • Crane Quarterly Inspection Checklist

  • Cyclone Work Area Inspection Checklists

  • Daily Traffic Management Checklist

  • Evacuation Audit Checklist

  • Final Structural Inspection Checklist

  • First Aid Kit Inspection Checklist

  • Forklift Daily Pre-Start Checklist

  • Forklift Quarterly Audit Checklist

  • Hiab Quarterly Inspection Checklist

  • Injury Management Checklist

  • Keyboard Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist

  • Lifting Gear Inspection Checklist Form

  • Load Restraint Gear Inspection Checklist

  • Mobile Plant Mobilisation Checklist-Construction

  • Mobile Plant Pre-Start Checklist

  • Noise Hazard Identification Checklist

  • Non-Slewing Crane - Site Access Approval Checklist

  • Offender Checklist

  • Operator Pre-Start Drill Rig Checklist

  • Pre Start Drill Rig Checklist

  • Pre-start Inspection Checklist - Project

  • Pre-Start Trailer Checklist

  • Procurement & Purchasing Risk Checklist

  • Storage and Pallet Racking Inspection Checklist

  • Tilt-Up Panel Manufacturing Checklist

  • Tilt-Up Panel Pre-Erection Checklist

  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist - Monthly

  • Working Alone Hazard Identification Checklist

  • Working at Height Equipment Inspection Checklist

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist - Workshop

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist - Office Only

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist - Field

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