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Basic Safety Awareness

Course Duration

1 day

Course Location: 

All OH&S Consulting training is performed face to face at your premisess or a Training Venue can be arranged (at an additional fee).

Course Intention: 

This course is intended for employees and contractors operating in industry. The course was developed as a basic awareness course to educate participants in industry standards for work on large sites and the legal requirements for safety.


All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. 


Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Outline and describe modern duty of care; responsibilities as they apply to the workplace.

  • Ensure that personnel are aware of the different emergency situation that may arise and the procedure to control any emergency

  • Describe the personal responsibilities for health and hygiene standards at the workplace.

  • Identify and comply with all traffic control systems and vehicle incident reporting procedures at the workplace.

  • Understand the processes of hazard identification and risk assessment.

  • Understand that all personnel must report any "near misses", hazardous or

  • dangerous situations and/or accidents to their immediate Supervisor.

  • Understand the purpose of safety signs and/or barricading to draw attention to objects and situations that may affect personnel safety and health.

  • Understand that personal protective equipment is required for protection against hazards that cannot be satisfactorily controlled by other means or an

  • unusual circumstance exists and that PPE must be worn at all times where those identified hazardous situations or areas exist.

  • Understand that good housekeeping assists in maintaining a safety and healthier working environment and that keeping the work area clean and tidy is

  • everyone's responsibility.

  • Understand that each site's fire prevention program is to be followed by all

  • personnel throughout all phases of the performance of their work.

  • Understand the aim is to isolate all forms of energy from the area to be worked on, and that the operation of associated equipment of entry to restricted area is controlled.

  • Understand the basic procedures to be followed in erecting and working from a ladder or scaffold.

  • Demonstrate awareness of the hazards associated with welding and the safe work practices required for welding and allied processes.

  • Be aware of the hazards of incorrect storage, handling and use of compressed gas cylinders.

  • Understand the hazards and types of injuries that can result from manual

  • handling activity.

  • Participate in the management of hazardous substances at the workplace.

  • Understand the basic hazards of excavations and the precautions to be

  • considered when carrying out excavations.

  • Understand that only the correct tools, in a state of good repair must be used for carrying out a task.

  • Understand the general principles of machine guarding.


Course Contents: 

  • General Duty of Care.

  • Emergency Procedures.

  • First Aid, Health and Medical: Pre-existing conditions, UV Radiation, Heat Stress, Drugs & Alcohol.

  • Vehicles and Mobile Equipment.

  • Risk Management: Job Safety Analysis.

  • Hazard, Incident, Accident Reporting.

  • Signposting and Hazard Identification.

  • Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment.

  • Housekeeping.

  • Fire and Explosion Protection.

  • Permit to Work.

  • Electrical Safety.

  • Ladders and Scaffolding.

  • Welding and Allied Processes

  • Hand Tools.

  • Machinery Guarding.

  • Compressed Gas and Services.

  • Manual Handling.

  • Chemicals.

  • Excavations.

  • The Environment.



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Basic Safety Awareness Training Perth
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