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OH&S Consulting News - August 2018

The New Wiring Rules: AS/NZS 3000:2018


Source: DMIRS - EnergySafety Website  26 June 2018


The 2018 edition of AS/NZS 3000:2018, Electrical Installations (known as the Wiring Rules) is now available. The new standard has been developed by Standards Australia in collaboration with industry and government.  Some significant changes include:


AS/NZS 3000 specifies the electrical installation safety requirements for all premises in Australia and New Zealand. The new edition is a complete revision of the 2007 edition, includes over 200 changes and expands coverage on electrical installations, improves safeguards and brings industry requirements in line with best practice.


For further information of to purchase a copy visit the SAI Global Website


OH&S Consulting Perth WA, Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000:2018

WorkCover WA Releases Further Injury Management Educational Videos


Source: WorkCover WA Webstie - 3 July 2018


Following the launch of WorkCover WA’s educational videos at the Return to Work Conference, WorkCover WA has released an additional two videos to provide information and assistance for injured workers and employers.


The videos are an excellent resource to explain important processes in the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme.


The new videos are:


Options to finalise my claim: a video for injured workers – this video details an injured workers option to take a settlement, the process and factors to consider.


Workers compensation insurance for contractors and subcontractors: a video for employers – this video details the contracting chain when contractors and subcontractors are engaged by an employer.


The videos are available on the WorkCover WA website under the Quick Access panel on the homepage, or on the ‘Educational videos’ page under the Resources tab.


WorkCover WA encourages you to share the video links with your relevant stakeholders.

OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia Educational Videos

Manual Tasks – Risk Management – Construction Industry

Source: Worksafe WA Website 19 June 2018


Manual task injuries remain one of the largest single causes of injury in the construction industry.  These injuries not only cause pain and suffering to the injured worker and their families but also a loss of experience, skills and productivity in the industry.


WorkSafe has developed a series of fact sheets specifically for the construction industry to highlight the risks and provide solutions to help prevent injury.  Fact sheets have been developed for topics generic across all construction work as well as specific material for plumbers.  Additional fact sheets for other trades in the construction industry are currently being developed.

OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia WA, Manual Tasks, Risk Management, Construction Industry




  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – hazardous manual tasks

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – loading & unloading work vehicles

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk control for digging

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk control for moving gas cylinders

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – pipe installation & movement

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk control for chasing walls

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk control for handling roof sheeting

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk control for fixing roof sheeting

  • Manual task solutions – plumbers – risk controls for cutting roof sheeting





  • Manual tasks - types of injuries

  • Manual tasks - risk management

  • Manual tasks - risk control

  • Manual tasks - risk control examples

  • Manual tasks - risk factors

  • Manual tasks - hazardous manual tasks - physical risk factors

  • Manual tasks - hazardous manual tasks - psychological risk factors

  • Manual tasks - information and training

  • Manual tasks - actions and postures

  • Manual tasks - forces and loads

  • Manual tasks - working environment

  • Manual tasks - systems of work, work organisation and work practices

  • Manual tasks - portable power tools

  • Manual tasks - hand tools




To access these publications listed above go to:


Manual Tasks - Risk Management - Construction Industry


Manual Task Solutions - Plumbers

New Guidance Note - Working in Roof Spaces

Source: Worksafe WA Website 5 July 2018


New legislation will be coming into effect on 14 May 2018 which will require all workers performing work for reward at “domestic-type” premises, turn off all sources of electricity by opening the main electricity switch(es) at the main switchboard before entering the premise roof space.


To assist workers in complying with these regulations the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health has released a Guidance note Working in roof spaces.




Guidance note - Working in roof spaces


New safety regulations electricity must be switched off before entry into your roof space

OH&S Consulting Perth WA, Guidance Note - Working in Roof Spaces

Update to Hazardous Chemical Classification Guide


Source: Safe Work Australia Website 17 August 2018


Safe Work Australia has updated the national guide to classifying hazardous chemicals, providing clear, simple and practical information to help businesses classify the chemicals they use.


Director Chemicals Policy Dr Paul Taylor said “the guide reflects the requirements under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) third revised edition, that is now mandatory for workplace hazardous chemicals in Australia”.


"The guide contains more GHS information and a number of worked examples to help business classify their chemicals,” he said.


"Small to medium businesses will find the guide particularly handy – it provides links to comprehensive chemical databases and goes into detail on areas that PCBUs have told us they need more information on.”


The guide was developed in consultation with WHS regulators, unions and industry groups and reflects feedback received from individuals and businesses.


To find out how this guidance material is applied in your region, contact your local WHS regulator.


Read and download the guide


More information on hazardous chemicals

OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia, Hazardous Chemicals
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