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OH&S Consulting News - August 2015

The DMP is Seeking Feedback on Safety Reforms

Source: DMP Website 5 Aug 2015


On Thursday 23rd July 2015 the DMP held a stakeholders forum to discuss the Safety Legislation Reforms.  The stakeholder forum discussed the modernised, consolidated Work Health and Safety (Resources) Bill.  It is projected that changes will be brought in for 2017 for mining, petroleum and major hazard facilities.


This forum discussed cost imperatives in implementing proposed changes, updates to terminology and new requirements.


Of the 21 key changes identified and discussed, the following are of interest:


  • Change of “Duty of Care” to Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).  This includes all workers, including contractors and labour hire workers. This removes the ambiguity between an employer and employee. 

  • Cover will now extend to personnel who work in Remote Operations Centres.

  • Rather than having a Project Management Plan, all mining operations will be required to have an approved Safety Management System which will become an enforceable, living document.

  • Definition of health to include both physical and psychological.

  • The Principal Employer will be replaced with Mine Operator.  The Mine Operator will have the primary duty of care responsibility for the operations of the entire site.

  • Formalising the publication of learnings from significant incidents.

  • If an incident occurs, the Safety Management System must be reviewed and updated to prevent another occurrence.


The DMP is seeking feedback on these updates/changes.  Contact can be made with Alex Marsden on 08 9324 1785 or

OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia assist with Occupational Safety and Health compliance
Image Source:  DMP Presentation July 2015
OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia assist with Occupational Safety and Health compliance

OH&S Consulting Join the Civil Contractors Federation

OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia assist with Occupational Safety and Health compliance

OH&S Consulting are proud to announce they are now members of the Civil Contractors Federation.  The Civil Contractors Federation is a member-based representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.


OH&S Consulting has many years of experience in civil projects and we look forward to engaging with Civil Contractors and members of the industry in the future to assist them in developing practical OH&S solutions within their business.  

Safe Sharps Disposal

Do you have a  vehicle or site with a sharps container?  Do you know where to dispose of them?


Safe Sharps ( is an initiative of the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) supported by Australian Diabetes Council and partially funded by the NSW Ministry of Health.


The project aims to assist sharps users to find the most convenient location to dispose of their sharps safely. The on-line facility allows users to submit a location address and then search for the locations of single needle disposal points, sharps’ container disposal points or sellers of sharps’ containers.


This is available on the internet or you can download the app for your iPhone or or android device.


Please note OH&S Consulting is not recommending this product but is exposing you to some of the latest technology which may assist you in disposing of sharps.

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