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OH&S Consulting News - June 2015

Asbestos Awareness Training Perth




Join OH&S Consulting in celebrating the men in our lives - Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Grandpa, Brothers and Mates.  The theme for this year is moMENts in time. 


Did you know? 
  • Suicide accounts for slightly more than one-quarter of all male deaths in the 20-24 year old age group.

  • If every man walked for thirty minutes a day, heart attacks would be reduced by 37%.

  • Research shows that fathers have a particularly strong influence on encouraging healthy eating patterns in children.

  • Spending time in nature improves workplace productivity, increases energy and reduces depression



Don't know where to start?

Now blokes can be blokes and many don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings, health or their wellbeing and time can slip away from us.  We recommend taking the time at some stage this week to take a moMENt to chat with the men (or boys!) in your life about their health and wellbeing. 


You could:


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OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia assist with Occupational Safety and Health compliance


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a specialist cancer agency from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has evaluated the herbicide glyphosate as possibly carcinogenic to humans.  Glyphosate is found in herbicides such as Roundup, Defender, Bio Smart 360 Herbicide and Hi Load 540 and is used extensively in agriculture and, in smaller amounts, the home.  The use has increased since the development of genetically modified crops which have been engineered to be tolerant to the herbicide. 

After spraying, Glyphosate can be detected in the air, water and in food and but levels observed are generally low.  


There have been studies showing that persons working with herbicides appear to have an increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer.  The WHO has determined they have convincing evidence that glyphosate can cause cancer in laboratory animals.  The IARC performed evaluations where it was noted that glyphosate caused DNA and chromosomal damage in human cells but gave negative results in bacterial.  There were community residents showing increased markers of chromosomal damage after glyphosate was sprayed nearby.


To reduce the risk of exposure to Glyphosate, check the MSDS/SDS.  Avoid contact with the skin, ensure you wear elbow length PVC Gloves, long sleeves and trousers.  Avoid contact with the eyes; use face shield or goggles and spray downwind.  When applying as a spray, avoid inhaling spray mist. 


The Netherlands, Sri Lanka and El Salvador are moving to ban glyphosate sales to gardeners.   


The “probably carcinogenic” label has caused controversy in the agricultural sector and manufacturers of the products with comments saying that the data has been “cherry picked” and the WHO has been accused of “running an agenda bias”.





OH&S Consulting Perth, Western Australia assist with Occupational Safety and Health compliance
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