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Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Documentation



OH&S Consulting take the hard work out of creating Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Checklists for your Heavy Vehicle Accreditation.


OH&S Consulting can supply the following documentation either in template format or customised specifically to your business needs.


Documentation includes, but is not limited to:
  • HVA Accreditation Roadworthiness Checklist

  • HVA Annual Service Schedule

  • HVA Audit Report Submission Checklist

  • HVA Compliance Statement

  • HVA Daily Vehicle Checklist

  • HVA Fault Record and Repair Register

  • HVA Fitness for Work Daily Checklist

  • HVA Internal Review Matrix

  • HVA Internal Review Planner

  • HVA List of Preferred Suppliers

  • HVA Maintenance Management Policy Statement

  • HVA Maintenance Record - Dolly

  • HVA Maintenance Record - Prime Mover

  • HVA Maintenance Record - Trailer

  • HVA Monthly Service Schedule

  • HVA Non-Compliance and Request for Improvements

  • HVA Register of Non Compliance and Improvement Requests

  • HVA Table of Tolerances (Wear Limits)

  • HVA Trip Sheet - Weekly

  • HVA Trip Sheet - Daily

  • HVA Trip Plan Sheet and Scheduling Roster Checklist

  • HVA Weekly Service Schedule Dolly

  • HVA Weekly Service Schedule Trailer

  • HVA Weekly Service Schedule Truck-Prime Mover

  • HVA Weekly Service Schedule Truck-Prime Mover

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