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OH&S Consulting Perth can assist you in developing, testing and reviewing your Critical Incident Recovery Plan and Emergency Management Plans to ensure Critical Incident response is coordinated and effective.

Crisis/Critical Incident Response Program


OH&S Consulting can assist your organisation in developing, reviewing and testing their 'Critical Incident Recovery Plan'. The aim of a Critical Incident Recovery Plan is to aid employees' and plant recover as soon as possible after the cessation of an event. A Critical Incident Recovery Plan assists employees' who have not been injured but who have witnessed an incident:-


  • Cope with the trauma and

  • Minimise the time for the organisation to return to normal operations


Organisations need to plan for the management of 'Critical Incidents' to ensure that the response to an event is prompt and effective to contain a crisis and that a coordinated Management and Recovery Plan can be implemented to allow the organisation to continue with minimal disruption. Typical elements of a Critical Incident Recovery Plan include:-


  • Identification of potential crisis situations

  • Determination of Goals and Strategies

  • Assigning of Roles and Authorities

  • Training of key personnel in crisis management skills

  • Emergency procedures

  • Communication

  • Recovery

  • Testing of CIRP techniques and procedures (desk top, mock events) and

  • Planning and evaluating alternative crisis recovery goals and strategies


The desired outcome for organisations that plan for the management of critical incidents is that they remain in control. It is through crisis management and recovery planning that the organisation can anticipate and deflect the impact of crisis and so prevent catastrophe.



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