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OH&S Consulting Perth can come to you to perform ergonomic assessments, training, provide advice on correct use of equipment, review workstation layouts which includes noise, ventilation, lighting, humidity, vibration (Rimbaud's) and prevention of injury.

Ergonomic Assessments


OH&S Consulting can attend your site to assess and advise on the following:

  • Advice on correct equipment,

  • Advice on correct use of existing equipment,

  • Risk assessment of musculoskeletal issues, and

  • Occupational Overuse Syndrome prevention;


To achieve this onsite assessments for all workstations can be conducted.  Full risk assessments for each workstation are completed and discussed with each employee to determine all of the employee's individual requirements, the types of tasks that they currently perform, the movements associated with the tasks and workstation layout and features.  The risk assessment will also include the work environment (noise, ventilation, lighting, humidity, vibration, etc).


Employees are then shown the correct way to adjust and use existing equipment to their benefit.


Reports can be provided to the company on each of the workstations.  This report will contain the existing condition of the workstation, any recommendations for the placement or adjustment of existing equipment and suggestions for new equipment that can be purchased to improve the ergonomic condition of the workstation.


This can be incorporated with training for employees on how to prevent musculoskeletal and overuse injuries by correct placement and use of equipment.



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