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Incident Investigation


When performed properly, incident/accident investigation reveals deficiencies either with the system and/or the behaviour of the people involved. It highlights the inherent causes of the incident and the potential for further incidents to take place, thereby allowing a decision to be made on how to prevent similar events from re-occurring. OH&S Consulting offers varying levels of incident investigation to their clients. The depth/scope of the investigation is dependent on the seriousness or complexity of the incident. 


Investigations conducted by OH&S Consulting include:

  • Restricted work cases,

  • Lost time injuries from manual handling risk factors,

  • Partial to full thickness burns,

  • Paraplegia following rod mill incident,

  • Plant damage,

  • Vehicle rollovers and fatalities from remote equipment usage,

  • Fall from gig rise and

  • Rock fall.


Proven models for effective incident investigation used by OH&S Consulting include:-

  • The Tripod Investigation; and

  • Incident Causation.


The Tripod Accident Causation method (sometimes known as the Swiss-Cheese method) for constructing accident trees helps to determine root causes quickly and efficiently. It does not follow a chronological sequence but rather a causative sequence, which involves a number of stages of failure essential to the incident.


Incident Causation is very similar to Tripod but differs in that it does follow a chronological sequence, then determines possible causes of the incident using Fishbone analysis, leading to the development of an Incident Causation Tree.


Contact OH&S Consulting to discuss your incident investigation needs and let us help you apply the most appropriate investigation method suited to your business, determine a procedure for application, train your personnel in the agreed method or facilitate one of the proposed Incident Investigation methods.



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OH&S Consulting Perth can assist in Incident Investigation using tripod (swiss cheese), taproot, ICAM and fishbone analysis. We can assist in managing corrective actions.
OH&S Consulting Perth can provide assistance with incident investigation - determining root cause analysis, incident cause, fishbone analysis, facilitation of the incident investigation and assistance in determining Principal Contractor requirements.
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