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OH&S Consulting Perth can provide assistance in Manual Handling Management including Training, determining safe manual handling techniques, risk assessment and identification and controls as well as Duty of Care responsibilities and compliance requirements

Manual Handling Management


OH&S Consulting can offer both training of personnel in manual handling management as well as conducting manual handling risk assessments on high-risk tasks.


Training of staff in the prevention of manual handling injuries by an approach based on:-

  • risk identification and assessment and primary control through job and task design;

  • the recognition and promotion of understanding of the multi-faceted nature of manual handling activities;

  • the promotion and utilisation of safe manual handling techniques.


Identified risks can then be ranked for priority order, recorded for assessment purposes, assessed and then relevant control measures applied to minimise or eliminate the risks.


Other training can include one on one appraisal, which focuses on an individual’s techniques when performing manual handling tasks. A course would be set up on-site that would comprise of 10 manual handling actions that the employee would perform in their job. The employees would be graded and instructed in correct techniques.


In addition to training of staff in the principles of Manual Handling Management that complies with the Western Australian Code of Practice, OH&S Consulting can facilitate the identification of all manual handling risks after analysis of injury records and worker consultation or facilitate a Manual Handling Risk Assessment on an identified high risk task.


OH&S Consulting follows up with the client’s OHS Committee to evaluate Manual Handling Management effectiveness, status of control solutions, further manual handling training needs etc. 



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