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OH&S Consulting Perth can assist you in determining your exposures for items such as gas, solvents, particulates, asbestos, welding fumes, insulation materials and provide solutions.

Occupational Hygiene


Exposure Monitoring
The presence of airborne contaminants in the workplace can present a significant risk to health and safety.  The types of airborne contaminants can vary widely and may include:-
  • Airborne particulates (silica, total dust, wood dust, lead paint)

  • Solvent vapours

  • Gases

  • Mists (pesticides, oil)

  • Welding fumes and associated gases

  • Insulation materials (asbestos and synthetic mineral fibres)

  • Microbial contaminants (bacteria, fungal spores, mould).


OH&S Consulting can provide the resources to assure that all assessments are performed in accordance with validated test methods. Analysis of collected samples are performed by laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).


All monitoring results are compared to relevant occupational exposure standards and where necessary, recommendations are provided for the implementation of suitable risk treatment.

In the assessment of all workplace health and safety issues, our focus remains on the provision of practical, cost effective solutions designed to achieve compliance with relevant standards and statutory requirements.


Lighting Surveys

Illuminance levels for different tasks are assessed to determine compliance with Australian Standard AS 1680 - Interior Lighting. 



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