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OH&S Consulting Perth can assist you in determining client requirements in Tender submissions, review safety management plan, contract, tender and legislative requirements.  OH&S Consulting Perth have extensive experience in evaluation and tender submissio

Tender Evaluation


Contractors are increasingly used in business operations and construction projects due to the specialised nature of their work.


Clients invite bids from contracting companies via a tender process and usually issue an OHS checklist or criteria which specifies OHS requirements.


In order for clients to have a significant level of assurance that contractors meet minimum OHS standards, submissions are evaluated against the client tender OHS criteria and in many cases each bid is ranked against all other submissions.


There are several benchmarks used for contractor bid evaluations including:

  • Client OHS contract specifications,

  • Client Safety Management Plans,

  • State and Federal OHS Acts & Regulations and

  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).


OH&S Consulting have extensive experience in OHS evaluations of tender submissions and ranking each submission based on client contract weighting criteria.


Tender evaluations have been performed for construction, mining operations, heavy haul road transport, mining exploration and local government contracts.


Where a tender submission does not meet OHS criteria and the client wants to engage the contractor; OHS Consulting conduct a thorough evaluation and draft a remedial action plan to bring the contractor up to the minimum standard and provide audit and inspection services to determine contractor progress against the plan.  


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