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OH&S Consulting Perth can assess your Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Management Plan to ensure compliance and adoption of best practice.  Alison (Ali) Martins is an accredited WorkSafe Plan Assessor

WorkSafe Plan



Assessment of OSH Management Systems

The WorkSafe Plan is an assessment process that is used to rate occupational safety and health management systems and to direct attention to areas that could be improved.



The WorkSafe Plan promotes management practices needed to establish and maintain working environments where employees are not exposed to hazards.  Safe working environments, with safe workplaces, plant systems of work are an important part of general duty provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984.



Organisations achieving recognised standards under the WorkSafe Plan join a select group of organisations that have been awarded a WorkSafe Plan Platinum, Gold or Silver Certificate of Achievement.


Certificates of Achievement

WorkSafe Plan certificates of achievement are presented at three levels.Silver Certificates for organisations meeting minimum standards.


Gold Certificates for organisations demonstrating good progress toward a best practice approach to safety management.  


Platinum Certificates are for these organisations that acheive highest standards.

To obtain a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement, each organisation must also show that their rates of work-related injury and disease are reducing or kept at low levels.


A Platium or Gold Certificate acknowledges the organisation is demonstrating the commitment and management practices that occupational safety and health laws promote.

A Silver Certificate acknowledges substantial progress in the development of these practices.


WorkSafe Plan Assessment

Ali Martins is an Accredited WorkSafe Plan Assessor.



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