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OH&S Consulting can assist you in Claims Management, Workers Compensation Claims, Rehabilitation and Return to Work Programs, liaison with doctors, surgeons and specialists.

Injury Management, Rehabilitation, Workers' Compensation & Claims Management


  • Are you finding you don’t have enough hours in the day?
  • Are you a small to medium sized business who can’t afford an Occupational Health and Safety/Injury Management Coordinator?
  • Unsure how to manage Workers’ Compensation paperwork?
  • Do you have an injured staff member which you are struggling to get back to work?


The team at OH&S Consulting can assist you with the management of both work and non-work related injuries and health issues. 


We provide a range of services from guidance and advice on claims, to the total management of all outstanding and current workers compensation claims. 


We can actively communicate and co-ordinate with the employee’s supervisor/manager, insurers, rehabilitation providers, treating and specialist doctors, para-medical providers and the employee themselves, to ensure a safe, timely and productive return to work – leaving you to get on with business as usual. 


The service includes, but is not limited to:


  • Guidance and advice regarding Claims Management including:

    • Assistance in the completion and submission of insurance paperwork within the required timeframe

    • Ensuring Certificate of Competency (was Medical Certificate) is followed up

    • Arranging and following up medical appointments, reports and visits

    • Liaison with Workers’ Compensation Insurer

  • Rehabilitation policy and procedure development

  • Development and implementation of structured return to work programmes

  • Development of internal protocols for treatment of injuries

  • Review of existing policies and procedures handling Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation

  • Training of key site personnel


OH&S Consulting provides assistance complementary to the current business systems and practices you already have in place to further enhance your structured program ensuring your workers return safely, quickly and productively to the workforce.  Conversely, we can determine them for you!


Michelle Baker, an accredited Injury Management Coordinator, hails from a Nursing background where she worked in the public and private hospital sector as Registered General Nurse in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for a period of 10 years.  Michelle moved into health administration in 1993 and has since established sound management and administration skills not only in the health and research sector and but also in private industry.  Michelle actively implements effective return to work programs.


Alison (Ali) Martins, an accredited Injury Management Coordinator is a State Registered Nurse with a Master of Public Health and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (OH&S) has over 30 years’ experience in Occupational Health and Safety.



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